Fort Pillow Historic Trail

Loop through historic grounds relating to the battle of Fort Pillow


The trail begins by following breastworks built by the Confederates to a swinging bridge over a ravine. It climbs the slope of the ravine, then follows the bluffs to a branch in the trail. The yellow blazes mark the Historic Trek Trail, which leads directly to the Outer Breastworks.

The main Historic Trail, however, continues on to Cold Creek, where it branches again. The main trail (to the right) is an easy hike to the Outer Breastworks, while the purple-blazed Ravine Alternate Route takes a more difficult (and more interesting) route to the Outer Breastworks. From there, the trail leads back to the Inner Breastworks and the trailhead.

Directions: Google Directions


State: Tennessee
County: Lauderdale
Latitude: 35.636100769
Longitude: -89.8321990967
Length: 10.0 miles
Difficulty: 5
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