Georgia Hiking Trails

With a myriad of different hiking trails scattered throughout the breathtaking state of Georgia, outdoor enthusiasts are sure to find a plethora of exciting scenery, wildlife, and monumental landscapes. From the swampy marshlands of Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah, to the numerous mountain trails in the northern territory, Georgia’s hiking opportunities are not only stunning, but varied in terms of difficulty and terrain.

Hikers that visit the state parks near the coast will have an opportunity to explore the nature of wetlands and beaches. This particular area of southeastern Georgia boasts many lakes, swamps, and waterways that thread back and forth between the saltwater coast and the mainland. Hikers here might have the chance to see lanky cranes, Spanish moss literally weeping from the limbs of the canopy, and maybe even an alligator. The trails in this part of the state are relatively easy to explore, and with few to no drastic changes in the elevation, it makes for a somewhat flat hiking surface.

Although the hiking opportunities near the coast are gorgeous, many outdoor enthusiasts prefer the mountain trails most of all. From remarkable views atop a pristine mountain, impressive gorges and canyons, and spectacular waterfalls plunging from striking heights, the mountain hiking trails are more than marvelous. With smaller trails extending from the Appalachian Trail, a ‘mini Grand Canyon’ in Providence Canyon State Park, and some of the tallest waterfalls in the Eastern portion of the country, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the mountains of Georgia. Depending on the destination, visitors may have the opportunity to explore one of the caves tucked away in the mountainside. Marble Mine Trail and Cloudland Canyon are both popular for their impressive caves. Hikers could expect a more strenuous terrain with steep inclines and treacherous cliffs throughout the mountains, but easier trails, such as the Tallulah Gorge North Rim, still provide thrilling views for far less effort and sweat.

Regardless of where a hiker chooses to venture in the state of Georgia, they are sure to be impressed with some of the most outstanding views and a relatively mild climate that supports a variety of beautiful wildlife creatures. Happy hiking!

Length in Miles Trail Name Rating Short Description
0.2 Ada-Hi Falls Nature Trail
A beautiful trail named for the Cherokee word for forest.
3.4 Allatoona Pass
Follows the original railroad grade of the Western and Atlantic Railroad
1.0 Amicalola Falls East Ridge Trail
Climb to the top of Amicalola Falls
1.3 Amicalola Falls West Ridge Falls Access
Nice hike up the west ridge to base of falls
2.6 Amicalola River Trail
Follows Amicalola River towards Dawson Wildlife Management Area
1.8 Andrews Cove Trail
Fairly short but very scenic
1.6 Angel Falls Trail
Hike from Rabun Beach Campground
0.4 Anna Ruby Falls National Recreation Trail
Hike to the breathtaking Anna Ruby Falls
75.4 Appalachian Trail
Trail leading along Appalachians from Georgia to Maine
2.3 Arabia Mountain
Rock outcroppings the size of football fields
5.6 Arkaquah Trail
Follows the high ridge from Brasstown Bald to Track Rock Gap
6.6 Bear Creek Loop Trail
Old growth Gennett Poplar
3.6 Bear Hair Gap Trail
A trail that winds through Blood Mountain Wilderness
0.6 Becky Branch Falls
Nice 20 foot waterfall
4.0 Beech Bottom Trail
An easy hiking trail through the Cohutta Wilderness
78.6 Benton MacKaye Trail
Long trail stretching from northern Georgia to Tennessee and North Carolina
0.6 Big Rock Nature Trail
Scenic hike through Fort Mountain State Park
1.2 Big Trees Trail
Easy trail in Sandy Springs
1.3 Blankets Creek Bicycle Trail
Top rated Mountain Bike Trail near Atlanta
2.5 Blood Mountain Trail
Scenic hike up Blood Mountain
0.6 Blue Ridge Lake Trail
Short loop along part of Blue Ridge Lake
5.0 Botanical Garden of Georgia
A hidden Gem near Athens
2.4 Bottoms Loop Trail
A loop near the floodplain of Smith Creek
4.1 Broad River Trail
Fairly level trail through Lake Russel Wildlife Management Area
1.9 Byron Herbert Reece Access Trail
Formerly known as Blood Mountain Spur Trail
0.4 Byron Reece Nature Trail
This trail is noted for how many different types of trees grow around it
0.5 Camp Creek Trail
A little-known but beautiful waterfall down the trail makes the trip worthwhile.
0.2 Carters Lake Nature Trail
Short trail from Carters Lake Visitor Center to an overlook of the lake
10.7 Chattooga River Trail
Long hike paralleling its namesake river for only 1.6 miles
1.7 Chestnut Lead Trail
Shortest trail in the Cohutta Wilderness
6.3 Chickamauga Creek Trail
Loop sandwiched between Taylor Ridge and Dick Ridge
4.9 Cloud Canyon West Rim Loop Trail
Hike along the rim of the canyon
5.4 Cloudland Backcountry Trail
Loop with views of the walls of the canyon
7.0 Cochran Mill Trail
A rare find near Atlanta
0.9 Coleman River Trail
This scenic hiking trail follows its namesake river to a Scenic Area and commemorative plaque.
13.1 Conasauga River Trail
Hike to, then along, the Conasauga River
12.4 Coosa Backcountry Trail
A long loop in the mountains in and around Vogel State Park
1.9 DeSoto Falls Trail
Trail to two beautiful waterfalls
3.4 Dockery Lake Trail
Appalachian Trail access from Dockery Lake
1.1 Dukes Creek Falls Trail
Trail to the beautiful Dukes Creek Falls
35.5 Duncan Ridge Trail
Trail along Duncan Ridge
7.0 East Cowpen Trail
Runs along the ridge crest of Cohutta Mountain
7.5 Emery Creek Trail
Trail leading past twin waterfalls
1.6 Eyes On Wildlife Trail
Trail through the woods near Cooper Creek
0.2 Fall Branch Trail
Short hiking trail to the beautiful Minnehaha Falls
5.8 Flat Creek Loop
Runs along Davenport Mountain to Flat Creek Loop
1.2 Fort Mountain Lake Trail
Loop around Fort Mountain Lake
1.9 Freeman Trail
Connects to the Appalachian Trail on each end
8.2 Gahuti Backcountry Trail
Loop along the border of Fort Mountain State Park
1.2 Gold Mine Creek Trail
Loop along Gold Mine Creek in Fort Mountain State Park
2.0 Grassy Mountain Tower Trail
Hike from Lake Conasauga to the Grassy Mountain Fire Tower
3.6 Green Mountain Trail
Trail near Blue Ridge Lake with several hiking options
0.1 Helton Creek Falls Trail
A very short hike to two sets of waterfalls
1.0 Hemlock Falls Trail
A short but scenic hike to a waterfall
6.2 Hemp Top Trail
Scenic trail along hills and ridges
8.6 Hickory Creek Trail
A long trail through the western part of the Cohutta Wilderness
3.6 Hickory Ridge Trail
A trail through Cohutta Wilderness
0.6 Hidden Pond Trail
Loop through Carters Lake area
1.2 High Shoals Trail
A hike to a series of waterfalls
1.75 Holcomb Creek Trail
Rabun Bald with two waterfalls
0.1 Horse Trough Falls Trail
Short hike to Horse Trough Falls
3.5 Indian Seats Trail
One of the highest peaks in metro Atlanta
4.0 Iron Mountain Trail
Trail with beautiful views of the Cohutta Mountains
4.5 Jacks Knob Trail
A scenic trail to Jacks Knob
16.7 Jacks River Trail
Follows Jacks River
7.2 James E. Edmonds Backcountry Trail
A long loop up and down the lower slopes of Black Rock Mountain
1.2 Jarrard Gap Trail
Short access trail to the Appalachian Trail
3.1 Johns Mountain Trail
A trail along the ridge of Johns Mountain
1.2 Kennesaw Mountain Trail
Hike to the top of Kennesaw Mountain
1.7 Keown Falls Loop Trail
Trail through Keown Falls Scenic Area
6.2 Ladyslipper Trail
Trail along hillsides in the Lake Russel area
1.2 Lake Chatuge Trail
Trail around campground at Lake Chatuge
1.2 Lake Conasauga Trail
Loop encircling Lake Conasauga
5.1 Lake Russell Trail
A trail that winds around a stream and its namesake lake
0.4 Lake Winfield Scott Trail
Loop along the shore of the lake
0.5 Lakeshore Trail (Dockery Lake)
Circles Dockery Lake
1.3 Laura S. Walker State Park
Near the northern edge of the mysterious Okefenokee Swamp
1.5 Laurel Ridge Interpretive Trail
A hike with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains
2.0 Lewis Park Walking Trail
Nice trail tucked inside a subdivision
2.6 Little Ocmulgee State Park
Costal Plain Trail through through scrub oaks and pines
1.9 Logan Turnpike Trail
Provides accessto the Appalachian Trail and some good views
2.3 Long Branch Loop
A loop crossing Long Branch
2.3 Magnolia Springs State Park
Nine Million Gallon per Day Magnolia Springs
0.5 Mill Creek Falls Trail
Unmarked trail from campground to Mill Creek Falls
2.5 Mill Shoals Trail
Pleasant hike through the woods near Mill Shoals Creek
0.4 Minnehaha Trail
Trail leading to the beautiful Minnehaha Falls
1.0 Moccasin Creek Non-Game Wildlife Trail
An easy and educational trail
5.6 Mountaintown Creek Trail
Follows Mountaintown Creek
0.9 Murrays Lake Trail
Trail around Murrays Lake
1.8 Old Fort Trails
Trails to Fort Mountain's main attractions
1.1 Old Growth Forest Trail
Unofficial trail passing the thickest tree in the Chattahoochee National Forest
3.4 Panther Creek Trail (Cohutta Wilderness)
Internal trail to the headwaters of Panther Creek
5.9 Panther Creek Trail (Tallulah Basin)
A hike past the impressive Panther Creek Falls
3.6 Penitentiary Branch Trail
Trail that crosses and follows Penitentiary Branch
2.9 Rabun Bald Trail
Georgia's second highest mountain
1.3 Rabun Beach Trail
An easily-followed path with two waterfalls
2.5 Raven Cliff Falls Trail
An excellent trail to the cliffs with Waterfall
0.8 Raven Rock Trail
Named for Raven Rock, a cliff on the opposing side of the river.
3.5 Red Top Mountain State Park
Popular park on 12,000-acre Lake Allatoona
1.0 Rocktown Trail
Hike through an area with unusual sandstone formations
1.8 Rocky Mountain Trail
The first leg of a loop over Rocky Mountain
7.0 Rough Ridge Trail
Hike along the crest of Rough Ridge
0.9 Shope Gap Trail
Connects Yellow Mountain Trail to FS 39
3.0 Skidaway Island State Park
Barrier island near historic Savannah
2.7 Slaughter Creek Trail
a.k.a. Slaughter Gap Trail
4.5 Smith Creek Trail
Winds over Hickory Nut Ridge and Smith Mountain
1.7 Songbird Trail
Trail with good birding opportunities
0.3 Sosebee Cove Trail
A memorial to Arthur Woody, Georgia's first Forest Ranger
2.7 Sourwood Trail
Trail along Nancy Town Creek and its tributary
2.6 South Fork Trail
Trail along southern fork of Jacks River
4.9 Stanley Gap Trail
Trail from Stanley Gap to Deep Gap
2.2 Sugar Cove Trail
An internal trail through a beautiful cove
12.5 Sumac Creek Trail
Trail along Sumac Creek
0.5 Summit Trail
Trail to the peak of Brasstown Bald
0.3 Sutton Hole Trail
Just upstream from Woodall Shoals, a Class VI rapid.
2.6 Talking Rock Nature Trail
A loop through the woods near the dams at Carters Lake
0.3 Tallulah Gorge Floor Trail
A short but extremely steep trail to the floor of the gorge
0.6 Tallulah Gorge North Rim Trail
Connects five overlooks on the north rim of the gorge
0.3 Tallulah Gorge South Rim Trail
Connects five overlooks on the south rim of the gorge
2.4 Taylor Ridge Trail
Hike along one of the Armuchee Ridges
3.4 Tearbritches Trail
Climbs Bald Mountain, then leads to Bray Field
2.2 Tennessee Rock Trail
Hiking trail has 25 interpretive stations along its length
0.5 Terrora Trail
Circles a cove of Tallulah Falls Lake
2.6 The Pocket Trail
Loop along the Pocket
1.4 Three Forks Trail
Where Holcomb Creek, Big Creek and Overflow Creek meet
1.2 Tumbling Waters Nature Trail
Beautiful hike to views of Carters Lake and Tails Creek
2.4 Unicoi Lake Trail
A loop near the picturesque lake
3.0 Unicoi-Helen Trail
Trail from Unicoi Park to Helen
5.6 Wagon Train Trail
From Highway 76 to Brasstown Bald
0.4 Warwoman Dell Nature Trail
Remote hiking trail with small waterfalls
0.7 Waterfall Trail (Cloud Canyon)
Short trail to two waterfalls
6.5 West Palisades Unit Trail
Chattahoochee River Trail
3.0 Yellow Mountain Trail
The most popular trail in the Cooper Creek Scenic Area