Winston County

Bee Branch Trail

Popular but unmarked trial through the Sipsey Wilderness

The trail is reached by connecting two other trails: Trail 202 (Johnson Cemetery Trail) and Trail 209 (Sipsey Fork Trail). The Johnson Cemetery Trailhead is located off CR 60. Travel 2.5 miles on Johnson Cemetery Trail and arrive at the Sipsey River crossing. Once across, Johnson Cemetery Trail dead-ends into Sipsey Fork Trail; turn left. Continue on Sipsey fork half a mile past the sign for Trail 204 and you will come to a fork; the right fork is the beginning of Bee Branch Trail.

Bee Branch Trail ends just over a mile later at two massive waterfalls and several caves. If you have a map and a compass and are comfortable using them, try venturing off the trail, where you'll find many other waterfalls.

A campsite is located near the waterfalls at the end of the trail.

Length: 11.4 miles

Difficulty: 4


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