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Fort Clinch State Park Trails

Historic Fort Clinch

Fort Clinch State Park is officially designated as part of Florida's Statewide System of Greenways and Trails. Located in the northeastern corner of Florida, this park offers outstanding trails, both paved and unpaved. With its namesake fort and peninsular location, it also offers tremendous historic and natural amenities. Initial development of this park was started in the 1930's through the Civilian Conservation Corps, making it one of Florida's first state parks. The trail system includes a 6.5 mile unpaved loop trail for hikers and off road bicyclists, the park's paved road, and several miles of beaches along Cumberland Sound with hard packed sand for riding and hiking during low tides. Traffic on the unpaved loop trail is one way for bikers and helmets are required. Hikers may travel in either direction. The trail begins at the fort parking lot and parallels the park drive for approximately three miles, then crosses the road and returns back toward the fort on the opposite side. Parts of the trail are heavily forested and traverse ancient dunes that are very steep, offering a challenge to off-road bicyclists and hikers as well. The trail is also accessible in several locations along the paved park drive.

Length: 6.5 miles

Difficulty: 2

Ft. Clinch

Day Hike

Hiked approx 6 miles of trail and found that the trail was in good shape clearly marked and was a good workout. The trail had various terrain changes to included hills and sand. We actually thought the trail was a good close to home place to hike that would be good for training on different terrains for long distance hiking. Some parts of the trail are along side the park entrance road and the trail is shared with mountain bikers but we did not find that to be a nuisance we just moved aside and let them by the bikers were very good at yelling to us to let us know how many were coming by which we found very considerate. All and all liked the trail.

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