Highlands County

Kissimmee River National Scenic Trail

Remote hiking trail parallels the Kissimmee River

Part of the Florida National Scenic Trail, The Kissimmee River National Scenic Trail parallels the Kissimmee River, and offers some of the best remote hiking in Florida. The river which is natural in some parts and essentially a man-made canal in others, is now being restored to its original channel. The trail passes through the River Ranch Resort, the Kicco (pronounced Kiss-O) Wildlife Management Area, and the Avon Park Air Force Range. It winds through oak hammocks, along areas of scrub, and across pine-palmetto flats at the edge of the river floodplain. Descriptive names evoke the sentiments of the settlers and the cattle drovers who once trod this corridor, from Tick Island Slough to Mosquito Hammock. Wildlife is abundant watch for white-tailed deer, wild hogs, turkeys, and alligators. Raptors such as hawks and eagles make their home here, and numerous water birds. The trail passes through swampland, oak hammocks, and pine flatlands.

Length: 9.0 miles

Difficulty: 2


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