Baldwin County

Redoubt Trail Loop

Trail through the historic Blakeley State Park

To reach the beginning of the loop, hikers must walk 0.1 mile on Benjamin Trail to reach Randall Trail, then continue on Randall Trail for a short time to reach Redoubt Trail Loop, about 0.5 mile into the hike.

The trail follows a small ridge past entrenchments, foxholes, and redoubts used in what is called "the last major battle of the Civil War". Wilkins Hall Pond, located about a mile and a half into the hike, is a good place to find pelicans and turtles, and sometimes even alligators.

Congress has designated the area as a "Class A Civil War Site", and it is part of the National Civil War Trail List.

Length: 6.1 miles

Difficulty: 3


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