Winston County

Sipsey River Trail

Longest trail in the Sipsey Wilderness

Trail 209 (or Sipsey River Trail) follows the Sipsey River for its duration, crossing it once near the end of the hike. If you are familiar with how to use a map and compass you should explore the areas off the trail, but if you are not, please remain on or very near the path, as it's not hard to get lost. Located in the 25,906 acre Sipsey Wilderness, the Sipsey River is a beautiful site. The Sipsey River is the only river in Alabama that holds the national designation for Wild and Scenic River. There are currently 165 rivers with the Wild and Scenic designation, which is less than a quarter of one percent of the rivers in the US, so this designation is rare. Using a GPS is recommended if exploring off the trail. The 17.4-mile trail (8.7 miles one way) is a long hike to do in one day, so most people camp for the night. There are plenty of campsites on this relatively flat trail. During heavy rains fording the River towards the end of the trail may be impossible.

Length: 17.4 miles

Difficulty: 5

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