Liberty County

The Florida Trail in the Apalachicola National Forest

Some of the most remote hiking on the Florida Trail

The Florida Trail in the Apalachicola National Forest is certified as Florida National Scenic Trail, the entire length of the trail in the National Forest is also designated as part of the Florida Statewide Greenways and Trails System. 

This portion of the Florida Trail offers some of the most remote hiking areas available in the Florida. The orange blazed trail is 68.7 total miles through the forest. Much of this trail is flat, dry pine and palmetto fields with occasional titi swamps. Please be aware that in periods of heavy rain, certain portions of the trail may be ankle to waist-deep in water. 

The primary Florida Trail is blazed orange. Blue blazes mark side trails to campsites, access points or places of interest. Double blazes indicate a change of direction, or that the trail is leaving an obvious path. After you spot a double blaze, watch carefully for the next blaze. 

Register boxes are stationed at points along the Florida Trail. Be sure to sign in when you come to these locations. The registers provide a valuable record of trail use and are of special importance to rescue personnel.

Length: 68.7 miles

Difficulty: 6


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