Ruby on Rails upgrade

By: Hugh Watkins

I finally found the time to update Secret Falls this was one of my original Ruby on Rails websites and had gotten stuck on an early 2.x version of Rails.

The wayback achive started recording the site in 2007, but I started coding the site in the middle of 2006.

I started the site mostly as a way to explore Ruby on Rails, at the time in 2006 it was new technology but seemed to hold a lot of promise. I really enjoy hiking in the mountains and especially trails with waterfalls, so I thought this would be a good combination. Looking back I'm glad I jumped on the Rails bandwagon it has been enjoyable both personally and professionally.

I hope now that I have this site current on the technology, I can start adding some more features. I would really like to make it more interactive, since I can not go hike all these trails myself, I want to make it so everyone can post their own observations on trail conditions, top trails, etc.

Thanks for using the site and I hope it's helpful for you.

Trail reports

By: Hugh Watkins

Trail reports are the bread and butter of this site, it's the only way people have to communicate what they like or dislike about the trails. After the upgrade and conversion to MongoDB the trail report functionality had gotten broken.

I'm happy to report that trail reports are back working now, so please consider creating a trail report the next time you hike a trail.

The next feature I would like to get working is to allow people to post pictures, it's hard to visualize some of the features of a trail without seeing them. I hope to have that done in the next week or so, until then happy hiking.