Blankets Creek Bicycle Trail

Top rated Mountain Bike Trail near Atlanta


Almost 10 miles of trails with 3 main loops, a beginner loop of 1.3 miles, an intermediate loop of 3.7 Miles, and an advanced loop of 4.3 miles

You can do all 10 miles for a good workout that is close to town. This trail offers some very nice sections with small yet persistent climbing. The ledge overview sections with views of the lake are an excellent benefit. This trail is not overly technical, but does require you to pay attention with numerous switchbacks and tight cornering. There are numerous houses right off the trail so you doesn't feel too remote. The trail is very fast paced and just plain fun and when combined with the dwelling loop makes for an excellent circuit without driving 2-3 hours to get outside Atlanta.

Very well maintained trail that is just plain fun to ride, one of the most popular mountain bike trails near Atlanta.

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State: Georgia
County: Cherokee
Latitude: 34.1614990234
Longitude: -84.5389022827
Length: 1.3 miles
Difficulty: 2
( 5.0 out of 5) based on 1 reviews
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Blanketscreek1 Blanketscreek2 Blanketscreek3 Blanketscreek4
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