Chinnabee Silent Trail

Parallels Cheaha Creek


The trail is named for the Boy Scout Troup 29 from the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind, who, in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service, built the trail.

Technically, the trail is 6 miles each way, from the Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area to the top of Talladega Mountain winding beside Cheaha Creek, but the more interesting (and less difficult) way to hike it is to start at the trailhead three miles south of the Cheaha State Park Office (on Alabama 21) and hike northward toward the Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area. Hiking the trail in this manner shortens it by two miles, making the trail 7.4 miles out and back instead of 12 miles.

The trail is one of the most popular hiking paths in Alabama, and once you've hiked it, you know why. The trail earns every bit of its popularity, from the impressive rock outcroppings to the fast-flowing streams and magnificent waterfalls. This trail has possibly the most varied terrain of any trail in Talladega National Forest. From the beginning at Lake Chinnabee (750 feet altitude) to Talladega Mountain (2,100 feet altitude) there is a 1350 foot gain, because of this elevation gain (particularly in the last mile), the trail receives a rating of "more difficult" by the Forest Service

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State: Alabama
County: Clay
Latitude: 33.4505996704
Longitude: -85.8551025391
Length: 7.4 miles
Difficulty: 4
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