John Muir Trail

20-mile trail from Childers Creek to Brushy Creek


From Childers Creek, the trail heads to Hiawassee River, then runs along its banks for 6 miles. Apalachia (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) Powerhouse, located 6 miles into the trail, marks the end of the no-camping zone; camping is allowed all along the trail from here on out. Just over a mile and a half later the trail turns away from the river toward some switchbacks, coming back to the river a few times before passing the last of the switchbacks and reaching the top of the bluffs at 11.2 miles. After enjoying a beautiful view of the river, the trail switchbacks back down the bluffs. The trail crosses Duckett Ridge Road, then eventually heads into a forest. It follows an old roadbed for a time, then switchbacks up a mountain to follow another old roadbed. At mile 17.7, the trail crosses Tennessee 68, continuing along the ridge to Millers Cove, eventually descending to Brushy Creek.

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State: Tennessee
County: Polk
Latitude: 35.1885
Longitude: -84.4892
Length: 20.0 miles
Difficulty: 7
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