Lost Falls Trail

Takes you to Laurel Falls, Lost Falls and Azalea Cascade


Located in DeSoto State Park, Lost Falls Trail is a combination of several different trails each marked with their own color. Most of the other trails in the park focus on Little River, Lost Falls Trail explores the Boulders and CR caves. The trail begins on a long wooden footbridge over a marshy area, then heads uphill and passes through the Needle Eye Rock, a Boulder which has been split in half. The trail then heads up a hillside and down a ravine, where Laurel Falls and Lost Falls are. Laurel Fallsis a nice 6 foot waterfall and Lost Falls is a 5 foot waterfall. The CR caves formation is from the water eroding the rock walls forming cave like structures. The Azalea Cascade is the smallest waterfall on the trail at 3 feet.

Directions: Google Directions

From Fort Payne go east on AL 35 about a mile and turn left onto DeSoto Parkway, go about 5 miles to park entrance. Continue strait about 1.5 miles to trailhead on right

State: Alabama
County: DeKalb
Latitude: 34.50679
Longitude: -85.63179
Length: 3.2 miles
Difficulty: 2
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