Lower Loop - Cane Creek Overnight Trail

Overnight hike along Cane Creek Gulf


A connector trail, located on the north side of the north parking area, leads hikers to the Lower Overnight Loop. The trail is fairly flat for the first 3 miles or so, as it winds through the woods and across streams. At 3.5 miles, the descent into Cane Creek Gulf begins; here the trail is much steeper and more difficult. After crossing Cane Creek via a bridge, a small side trail to the left is a refreshing hike to a waterfall. Campsite 2 is located further along the main trail, at mile 5. A couple of miles past the campsite is the brige across Piney Creek, with the Pine Creek Falls Overlook just a bit past that. Turn onto the Woodland Trail at the intersection. The side trail to Fall Creek Falls is at mile 9.5, and the extra mile to and from the falls is more than worth the effort. The nature center is 1.2 miles past the Fall Creek Falls trail. Paw Paw Trail, located in front of the nature center, leads back to the north parking lot.

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State: Tennessee
County: Bledsoe, Van Buren
Latitude: 35.6923
Longitude: -85.3229
Length: 13.0 miles
Difficulty: 8
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