Radnor Lake Trail

Hike along the bank of Radnor Lake


The trail may be hiked from either end; if you choose to hike from east to west, a 0.3-mile access trail leads to the Lake Trail from the east parking lot. If instead you decide to go from west to east, park in the west parking lot and find the trailhead for the Spillway Trail at the southern end of the lot. The Spillway Trail becomes the Lake Trail after 0.2 mile. An observation deck located along the route provides an opportunity to see migratory birds in the winter, and in the springtime the area comes to life with an abundance of stunning wildflowers.

Directions: Google Directions


State: Tennessee
County: Davidson
Latitude: 36.0625
Longitude: -86.8089981079
Length: 1.4 miles
Difficulty: 1
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