Stanley Gap Trail

Trail from Stanley Gap to Deep Gap


There are trailheads on each end, both with parking lots. The Deep Gap entrance is more commonly used because the road leading up to the parking lot is paved, unlike the Stanley Gap end.

From the Deep Gap trailhead, hikers must walk 0.1 mile on Flat Creek Loop to reach the beginning of Stanley Gap Trail. At mile 2.3 the Benton-MacKaye Trail ties in, and the trails continue as one until mile 4.3, where the Benton-MacKaye splits off to the left. The trail reaches Stanley Gap 0.7 mile later.

Directions: Google Directions


State: Georgia
County: Fannin, Gilmer
Latitude: 34.8166007996
Longitude: -84.300201416
Length: 4.9 miles
Difficulty: 5
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