Botetourt County

Apple Orchard Falls Trail

Follows the stream to the falls

The trail leading to Apple Orchard Falls is a well maintained National Recreation Trail. It has a nice carefree pathway that follows the stream up to the falls. There are a number of locations to stop at and take pictures. You will find the trail itself is slightly more open than other trails. While you will not get a peak observation of either the valley or mountainside, ending up at the falls is a wonderful highlight\ Apple Orchard Falls itself is a beautiful waterfall with multiple levels of water cascading down from the various ledges and then off an abrupt cliff. It's one of the states tallest waterfalls. The Forest Service has built a wooden bridge with an observation deck just underneath the falls so you can stand, watch the falls and take great pictures. Another fantastic aspect of hiking in the area is that the trails and trailheads around Apple Orchard Falls allow a multitude of choices for taking loops and baktracking.

Length: 7.5 miles

Difficulty: 8


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