South Carolina

Newberry County

Buncombe Trail

Long loop through a mixed forest

Buncombe Trail, which is also open to equestrians, fords several creeks many times. Although most of the time hikers can cross the creeks without getting wet at all, you might want to consider bringing an extra set of clothes in case the water level is high.

Hike the trail counterclockwise from Brick House Campground. Around 4.25 miles into the hike, the inner loop splits off to the left, heading through a forest for 5 miles before reaching the campground again. Bear right to stay on the main loop, which parallels I-26 for a time before turning back into the forest at a sign with a lowercase “i” on it. After leaving I-26, the trail follows along FS 361 until it meets FS 356, at which point another shortcut trail branches off to the left. The main trail follows FS 356 back to the campground.

Length: 27.5 miles

Difficulty: 4


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