Cherokee County

Lewis Park Walking Trail

Nice trail tucked inside a subdivision

This hike is part of the Cherokee County Parks and Recreation area. It consists of several trails winding through pines and hardwoods. There are pavilions located throughout the park and benches spaced around the trails. There are plenty of Hardwoods (Oaks, Hickory and Yellow Popular) and Pines. Wildlife also abounds with Grey Squirrels, Woodpeckers and many Deer towards the back. There are creeks that run through the park but may be dry depending on the last rain. This is a nice spot to get away, when you don't have time to go up to the mountains. This park is kid and dog friendly. They are building a play area and parking lot off Bells Ferry Road.

Length: 2.0 miles

Difficulty: 2

Good local hike

Day Hike

I've walked this trail several times when I lived in Towne Lake, it's not remote and it's easy but if you don't have time to drive up to the mountains it's a good hike. This is a good trail for small children since it's fairly level and short, also animals are welcome.

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