Clay County

Skyway Loop Trail

An overnight trail from Adam's Gap to Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area

The trail winds along ridgelines in Talladega National Forest, affording some beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Several cascading creeks are crossed during the hike, including Barbaree Creek, Hubbard Creek, and Chinnabee Creek. Contrary to its name, the trail is not a loop, though it does include Lakeshore Trail loop at the turnaround point.

Some of the more interesting wildlife to watch out for are groups of armadillos, who have been known to chase hikers down the path (making a loud noise usually scatters them).

If you are looking for a longer hike, combine Skyway Trail, the Chinnabee Silent Trail, and Pinhoti Trail, which forms a 17-mile loop beginning at Adam's Gap.

Length: 14.4 miles

Difficulty: 8


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