Cascade Loop Trail

An interesting trail, especially after a lot of rain


This trail has many interesting points along its length, and is a truly enjoyable hike. It begins on Terrell Trail, arriving promptly at Cascade Trail. From this point, the trail leads hikers over large rocks along a streambed, past a waterfall, and up a cliff. A 70-foot-deep cave is located along this portion of the trail. After making a left onto the Waterfall Trail, hikers follow another stream back down the cliff, and if there has been enough rain, a waterfall can be seen along the way. When you come to the Old Still Path (past the connector trail), make a left (this will also lead you back to the waterfall trail, but along a more interesting route). About halfway down this trail are the remains of an old moonshine still that was destroyed by authorities with axes (insert valuable lesson to children about punishments for crimes here). The Old Still Trail returns hikers to the Cascade Trail, from which point you retrace your steps to the trailhead.

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State: Alabama
County: Marshall
Latitude: 34.3849983215
Longitude: -86.2060012817
Length: 2.3 miles
Difficulty: 4
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