South Carolina

Oconee County

Blue Ridge Railroad Historical Trail

Hiking trail from Stumphouse Mountain to the suburbs of Walhalla

The trail begins near Isaqueena Falls in Stumphouse Tunnel Park. After crossing Crane Creek, the trails winds gently through the forest for the first 2-3 miles, but becomes more difficult as you near mile 4. From there the trail begins a gradual climb to an 80-foot gorge, then levels out and follows a dirt road to its end on Frog Pond Lane.

Length: 6.5 miles

Difficulty: 7


Day Hike

We sent 5.9 miles loop on this trail and came out of the hike with over 50 ticks on us. counting 2 dogs and 2 people! beautiful, peaceful, but dangerous due to the ticks! we are still picking ticks off the dogs! very small tick (new born), so the are some that are tiny. I would stay away from this trail!

additional comment

Day Hike

Brenda again! I would stay away from this trail until the colder months when the ticks are dormant.

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