South Carolina

Oconee County

Yellow Branch Nature Trail

Nature trail in the Sumter National Forest

From the road at the main picnic area, begin this rolling, and occasionally steep, .4-mile loop. Step across a crevice where a narrow creek flows through the flat rock to a sandy path under a canopy of tulip trees, oaks, and hickories, then along a ridge knotted with rhododendron and mountain laurel. Watch your step as you descend to a rushing creek, where you will navigate stone steps and cross several rocky fords. Watch for pickerel frogs, salamanders, snakes, and other wildlife in this area. About midway, you will see a sign that marks the 1.3 mile spur to Yellow Branch Falls if you want to extend your hike. To complete the .4-mile loop, turn left at the end of the trail and follow the road to the parking area.

Length: 0.4 miles

Difficulty: 2


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