Rabun County

Coleman River Trail

This scenic hiking trail follows its namesake river to a Scenic Area and commemorative plaque.

The path closely follows Coleman River through the woods to the 330-acre Coleman River Scenic Area, dedicated to "Ranger Nick" Nicholson after his 40 years of service. A couple of small waterfalls and a primitive campsite are located along the trail.

Length: 0.9 miles

Difficulty: 3

Short, but Scenic

Day Hike

This short trail follows a creek the entire length. There are many small falls and pools that make it a very interesting walk. I will rate it easy, but there are a couple of sections that require care as the trail is naturally a bit damp. There is a section that appears a small footbridge washed out, so you will navigate a gap in the path. The incline is gradual. This would be a great beginner's hike. 1.8 miles total

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