Rabun County

Hemlock Falls Trail

A short but scenic hike to a waterfall

The trail begins half a mile down the gravel road next to the parking area at a stone marker. The trail follows Moccasin Creek, crossing it once, until it reaches Hemlock Falls, where the official trail ends.

Length: 1.0 miles

Difficulty: 2


Day Hike

This is my favorite trail to hike. Not too strenuous and not to easy either. Very short though. You walk along the river and see many small water falls before you come to Hemlock falls at the end of the hike. The trail used to keep going and meet up with the Appalachian Trail somewhere but it's over grown and impassable after you get past the falls. Camping is free and good here. I camped here many times. Primitive camping only of course. There are several spots from the trail head to about a half mile up the trail. I've hiked this trail about ten times and I'd still hike it again. There's also a one mile loop trail that is a nature walk area before you get to the trail head.

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