North Carolina

Transylvania County

Devil's Courthouse Trail

Breathtaking panoramic view at the top

This trail is a short, steep hike to the top with a spectacular 360 degree viewpoint capable of sighting distant peaks, including Pisgah National Forest and Western North Carolina. Besides North Carolina, three other states are visible—South Carolina to the south, Georgia to the southwest, and Tennessee to the west. Though steep, this largely paved path is well maintained. Before you hit the trail, look east of the parking area and up to the crag of Devil’s Courthouse at 5,720 feet. The rock wall-encircled overlook atop the Courthouse offers great views. Hawks, ravens, vultures, and occasionally eagles and peregrine falcons ride the hot air currents that rise from the valley. This is in fact a popular peregrine falcon viewing area. Rock climbing is also popular here.

Length: 0.42 miles

Difficulty: 8


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