Grundy County

Fiery Gizzard Trail

Difficult but interesting overnight trail along Fiery Creek Gorge

This trail features cascading streams, waterfalls, panoramic overlooks, extremely rocky gorges, gentle slopes and lush woodlands. This trail is one of the most diverse and beautiful in the state and has been ranked as one of the top twenty-five backpacking trails in the U. S. by Backpacker magazine. There are four primitive campgrounds along the trail. 

The trail begins at its junction with Grundy Forest Day Loop (the shortest route to Fiery Gizzard is to head counterclockwise around Grundy Loop). After crossing the bridge that marks the beginning of Fiery Gizzard Trail, hikers are led between a bluff on the left and Little Fiery Gizzard Creek on the right. About a mile into the hike Little Fiery Gizzard Creek and Big Fiery Gizzard Creek meet, making a waterfall as they pass through a sandstone slit known as Black Canyon. 

Fiery Gizzard Trail then follows Big Fiery Gizzard Creek past small waterfalls, cascades, a large rock formation known as Chimney Falls, and a spur trail to Sycamore Falls. Hikers pass the “Fruit Bowl” at 2 miles, which is a collection of rocks as big as houses. The trail climbs up through a canyon, runs along the rim of Gizzard Cove, then heads downhill pretty steeply into Laurel Gorge, passing some really spectacular overlooks before coming to a conclusion at Foster Falls parking lot. 

There are two entrances to Fiery Gizzard. The north entrance is from the Grundy Forest State Natural Area and is about three miles from the South Cumberland Visitor Center. The south entrance is eleven and one-half miles from the Visitor Center and is accessed via U. S. Highway 41 or State Route 150. The entrance is within the TVA managed Foster Falls area.

Length: 12.5 miles

Difficulty: 8


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