Grundy County

North Rim-North Plateau Loop

Combines North Rim Trail and North Plateau Trail in South Cumberland State Recreation Area

From the Savage Ranger Station, take the Savage Day Loop to its loop junction. Bearing right will get hikers to the North Rim Trail in 1 mile, while bearing left takes 1.2 miles, but passes the stunning Savage Falls Overlook. 

The North Rim Trail descends to its junction with North Plateau Trail (on the right). Bear left, though, because the North Plateau Trail is the return route. Continuing along North Rim Trail, hikers pass Meadow Creek Overlook, Savage Creek Overlook, a spur to Loose Rock Overlook, an overlook of a fallen cliff face, several Lick Creek Gulf overlooks, Quartz Pebble Overlook, and Yellow Bluff Overlook, just to name a few. Just in case you're worn out from all the overlooking, the Hobbs Cabin Campsite is located at the end of North Rim Trail near its North Plateau connector. Once on North Plateau Trail, hikers pass one more overlook before heading away from the rim. 

The hiking trail crosses several jeep roads and passes through a hardwood forest before reaching its junction with North Rim Trail at 13.4 miles, which leads back to Savage Day Loop and the Ranger Station.

Length: 17.4 miles

Difficulty: 3


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