Fannin County

Green Mountain Trail

Trail near Blue Ridge Lake with several hiking options

The trail has two trailheads, one across from a parking lot off Aska Road, the other at a parking lot on FS 711, off Campbell Camp Road.

The route is easiest to explain beginning at the Deep Gap trailhead (off Aska Road). From here, the trail leads to the crest of the ridge of Green Mountain, then down to a signed junction with a roadbed at 0.8 mile.

Hikers may choose to continue on the trail or take the roadbed and loop the 1.1 miles back to Aska Road, coming out about 40 yards away from the trailhead.

If instead you choose to continue on a trail, the second choice comes in the form of a path a total distance of 1.3 miles from the trailhead (where you started). The 0.5 mile path leads to Long Branch Loop, a trail through a regenerating area.

If instead you choose to hike the remaining 2.8 miles toward Blue Rige Lake, you will be rewarded with lovely views of the lake, especially in the winter, as well as all of those choices again on your return to the Aska Road trailhead.

Length: 3.6 miles

Difficulty: 4


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