Towns County

High Shoals Trail

A hike to a series of waterfalls

The trail leads to High Shoals Creek, following it as it cascades down a series of five waterfalls. There are two side-paths that lead to observation decks overlooking the two larger falls. Just past these is a much bigger waterfall: High Shoals Falls.

The drive to the head of the trail may be impassable at certain times with anything but a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Length: 1.2 miles

Difficulty: 5

Short Hike with Nice Payoff

Day Hike

We hiked this trail in the late fall on a Saturday, and it was quite crowded. There is some parking at the trailhead, but it fills quickly. Naturally, the trail descends to the falls, therefore uphill on the way out. I would rate it easy to moderate for that reason. The woods were pretty, and the falls were beautiful. It was quite a payoff for a short hike.

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