Fannin County

Jacks River Trail

Jacks River Trail follows Jacks River one of the premiere trails in the Cohutta Wilderness

Jacks River Trail named after a Cherokee Indian, who for a small fee, would carry travelers across the river on his back. It is one of the premiere trails in the Cohutta Wilderness. It features old growth hemlocks, Jacks River Gorge and Jacks River Falls.

It is recommended to hike the trail from the southern Dally Gap to Alaculsy Valley in the north, as the trail is pretty much downhill in that direction.

The trail follows Jacks River and its tributaries downstream, with 42 fords, all told. 80-foot-high Jacks River Falls is located 9 miles into the hike. The trail ends at a bridge to the Alaculsy Valley.

The river fords can be hard after heavy rains, but no matter what you will get wet!

Below is a good video, which shows all of the river crossings and the falls.

Length: 16.7 miles

Difficulty: 3


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