Fannin County

Penitentiary Branch Trail

Interior trail of the Cohutta Wilderness that crosses and follows Penitentiary Branch near Blue Ridge, GA

Located in the Cohutta Wilderness near Blue Ridge, GA, Penitentiary Trail is an interior trail whose upper junction is best reached by hiking 2.3 miles on Hemp Top Trail.  Hemp Top Trail is accessed using it's southern trailhead located at Dally Gap which is located near Blue Ridge, GA.

Start on Hemp Top Trail from Dally Gap for 2.3 miles on relatively easy roadbed to the Penitentiary Branch Trail. This will take you to the highest elevation part of Penitentiary Branch Trail, from there it is 3.6 miles following Penitentiary Branch downstream through a cove forest and losing close to 1,400 feet where it intersects Jacks River Trail.

The trail ends when it reaches Jacks River Trail. From this point it is 2 miles downstream to Jacks River Falls (turning right on Jacks River Trail) or 7.2 miles upstream to Dally Gap.

Length: 3.6 miles

Difficulty: 4


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