White County

Logan Turnpike Trail

Runs from the Appalachian Trail to Kellum Valley with some good views

The Logan Turnpike trail is located in the Raven Cliffs Wilderness of the Chattahoochee National Forest in North Georgia. It connects with the Appalachian Trail at Tesnatee Gap, about 37 miles from Springer Mountain.

Logan Turnpike Trail used to be accessed from either end, but now you can only access it from the higher end at Testnatee Gap. From Testnatee Gap you will be hiking towards Kellum Valley. The lower end is blocked by a private landowner and you will dead end into private property signs.

The trail follows a portion of the route of a historic wagon road between Cleveland and Blairsville, originally known as the Union Turnpike. The trail parallels Town Creek by way of an abandoned roadbed. The first mile or so is very steep and is considered moderate to hard, the second mile levels out and is considered moderate. There are wet areas, so wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

Length: 1.9 miles

Difficulty: 7

Logan Turnpike Status Update

Day Hike

Hiked up to the tornado damage in late December 2011, there was a forest service contract crew in the process of clearing through the damage. They had cleared several hundred feet already. I haven't hiked it yet, but was told by USFS CONF folks that they've finished and it's now open.

Trail open

Day Hike

Trail is open to top, hiked today. A bit overgrown.

Logan Turnpike closed 4/2011

Day Hike

The USDA Forest Service has closed the Logan Turnpike due to 4-28-11 tornado damage. The trail is impassable due to downed trees .4 mile from its southern terminus, extending an additional .5 mile northward. The Forest Service advises that "eventually" a contract crew will clear the downed trees to re-open the trail, but not in the near future. Be aware that it is impossible to hike the trail in its entirety until this damage is cleared.

Trail is in great shape!

Day Hike

Thanks to a dedicated crew of 15 trail maintainer volunteers from GATC and Lumpkin Coalition, the trail is in the best shape I've ever seen it in. All blowdowns have been cleared and the overgrown weeds have been cleared. There's still some wet areas, but it's a great hike. Now it just needs lots of traffic!

Trail Maintenance 8/25/12

Day Hike

Join us for a trail mantenance day, 8/25/2012. Contact [email protected] for more info.

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