Clay County

Odum Scout Trail

Trail beginning at the High Falls Trailhead and ending at Odum Point in the Cheaha Wilderness Area part of Talladega National Forest

Located in the the Cheaha Wilderness Area, part of Talladega National Forest, Odum Scout Hiking Trail extends for 7.5 miles through the eastern slopes of Talladega Mountain.

From the High Falls Trailhead, which features the stunningly beautiful High Falls, the trail leads hikers along the ridgeline of Cheaha Mountain and alongside two bluffs offering breathtaking views of nearby mountains, ending 10 miles from the trailhead at Odum Point.

There are three waterfalls in the first mile of the trail, so some hikers just go for the first mile.  It is in a wilderness area so there is not a lot of foot traffic and the trail can be overgrown during the summer months.  This trail is generally rated as moderate to hard.

Length: 7.5 miles

Difficulty: 5


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