Murray County

Old Fort Trails

Trails to Fort Mountain's main attractions

Old Fort Trails is a set of color-coded interconnected trails that lead to the stone wall, the lookout tower, and the overlook deck. There are three trails, a yellow-blazed trail, a red-blazed trail, and a blue-blazed trail.

The yellow trail is a loop around the top of Fort Mountain.

The red trail begins about a half-mile up the yellow trail and goes straight from one side of the yellow loop to the other, cutting a generous third out of the top of the loop, rejoining the yellow at the tower. About halfway down the red trail the blue trail begins.

The blue trail leads to, then parallels, the rock wall before coming to an end at the yellow trail. Continuing on the yellow trail from where the red trail splits off, hikers are led around the north rim of the mountain, and a short spur trail heads down to the observation deck for breathtaking views of the valleys.

The yellow trail continues on to the Old Stone Tower, then back to the parking lot.

Length: 1.8 miles

Difficulty: 4


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