South Carolina

Greenville County

Pinnacle Pass Trail

Difficult hike over mountains and ridges

This trail connects Jones Gap Trail to Naturaland Trust Trail, with an absolutely spectacular view of Jones Gap just 2 miles from the trailhead.

The hike begins in Jones Gap State Park, on Jones Gap Trail; follow it for about half a mile, then turn onto the Rim of the Gap Trail until you reach the start of Pinnacle Pass Trail. About 10.5 miles later Pinnacle Trail ends; turn on the Naturaland Trail and you will come out half a mile south of Caesars Head State Park.

Other features of the trail include the likelihood of encountering mountain birds such as raven and ruffed goose, as well as some very rare plants in the very rare cataract bog located halfway down Pinnacle Pass Trail.

Length: 13.0 miles

Difficulty: 9


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