South Carolina

Greenville County

Rainbow Falls

Hiking trail in Camp Greenville

As the hike is located on private Camp Greenville property, all visitors are required to get permission from the camp office before hitting the trail (it's recommended to call ahead to the office at 864-836-3291 for permission). After that's settled, follow the signs from the camp office toward Symmes Chapel, and park at the lot where the trail forks. The trailhead is located back 10 yards from the fork.

The trail is a short (1.8 miles round-trip) but strenuous hike down the side of a cliff to 100-foot Rainbow Falls. It is best to plan to arrive at the falls in the middle of the day, as there is only sunlight in the gorge for a few hours each day.

Length: 1.8 miles

Difficulty: 7


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