Johnson County

Rogers Ridge Trail

Trail along ridgetops in the Watauga District

The trail ascends pretty steadily for the first two miles prior to reaching Rogers Ridge. Once the trail reaches the ridge, it evens out, passing through a forest with knolls and gaps on its way to the far side of the ridge at 6.7 miles. From here, the official end of the trail, hikers can choose to either return the way they came or take the Rogers Ridge Alternate Loop Trail, which can be found by walking east further along the ridge (instead of walking to the tri-state corner) and to the south of the large house, toward Glenn Bald. 

The Alternate Loop Trail eventually becomes Kate Branch Trail. From the end of Kate Branch Trail hikers will have to walk about a mile west down Gentry Creek Road to reach the Rogers Ridge Parking Area, for a total loop length of 12.1 miles.

Length: 6.7 miles

Difficulty: 7


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