Shelby County

Shackleford Point Trail

Trail from to Shackleford Point in Oak Mountain State Park

The trail begins at the South Trailhead, passing the impressive Peavine Falls on its way to the highest peak in the park: Shackleford Point. From here, the trail follows the ridgeline to the North Trailhead.

A shuttle is available.

Length: 6.3 miles

Difficulty: 5

Shackleford Point Trail

Day Hike

Shackleford Point in Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama. We went in from the North Trailhead. It was rocky and buggy. Excellent markings on the trail. Nice parking at North Trailhead. Info boards at start of trail complete with detailed map and elevation drawing. NO birdseye views from top, just lots of trees and rocks on the ridge. Other views available in other parts of the park which allow you to view Birmingham area. See this link for photos from year 2011. Latitude: 33.3027000427 Longitude: -86.7612991333

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