Walker County

The Pocket Trail

Loop along the Pocket

The Pocket is a horseshoe-shaped area surrounded on three sides by tall ridges. The Pocket Recreation Area features a campground and picnic area.

Length: 2.6 miles

Difficulty: 2

The pocket trail

Day Hike

And this trail is 9 miles long by the way. Up and down a mountain. Very steep and strenuous. Where do they get 2.5 miles?

Trail from hell

Day Hike

This trail is not maintained at all. Over grown with briers, large patches of briers like seven feet tall. Parts are totally indiscernible, doesn't even seem like you're on a path at all. Thank God for the blue blazes painted on the trees. At least 6 fallen trees over the path. One tree trunk was chest high and I had to literally climb over it. Eight miles into it the trail abruptly ends in an huge open field. (stick to the left hand side and follow it around till you get to a place that looks like a tractor drives through there. There is no sign or anything telling you that's where the trail picks up.) You must be an experienced hiker with proper foot gear and supplies to be able to hike this trail. The so called "path" is very uneven and full of rocks. Bring three bottles of water, I sure wish I did. Watch out for an abundance of poison ivy and sumac. I'm a pretty fast walker and it took me five and a half hours to hike this trail. Very satisfying to finish it but I will never hike it again. It does however have a few good lookout spots off the mountain. Very scenic, very wild, not for the faint of heart.

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