White County

Virgin Falls Trail

Hiking trail past some really stunning waterfalls

The trail begins outside of the Pocket Wilderness, and passes a three waterfalls on its way to Virgin Falls (within the wilderness area). Most of the trail lies on property owned by a nearby paper company that graciously opened the area to the public.

Any one of the waterfalls would be worth the trip, but all four beauties along one hike make this trail a must-see. Two of the falls flow out of and into caves, and one is over 35 feet tall. The last part of the trail is a fairly short loop through the Pocket Wilderness, with a camping area located above Virgin Falls.

Be sure to pick up a map at the trailhead, and carefully follow the blazes, as the trail has many intersections along its length that can be confusing to hikers.

Length: 4.5 miles

Difficulty: 8


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