North Carolina

Haywood County

Big Creek Loop

Nice Waterfalls on this Smokey Mountain Trail

The Big Creek Trail is an old road built by the Crestmont logging company in the early 1900's. It was improved by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the early 1930's and converted for hiking use. Horse traffic is allowed but there is not a large amount of horse riders using the trail. Hikers easily out-number the equestrian crowd.
For novice hikers this is a great hike because the trail is level and relatively smooth. The climb is gradual so even hikers that are not in the best of physical condition can accomplish this hike. The return trip is much easier because it is downhill and it is not a long walk to creek side "resting" or picnic spots. Midnight Hole Play Movie

Length: 16.9 miles

Difficulty: 7


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