Rabun County

Chattooga River Trail

Long hike paralleling its namesake river for only 1.6 miles

From US 76, the trail heads northeast along the Georgia side of the Chattooga River. The first half of the trail frequently loops outside the river corridor where motorized vehicles are allowed; however the last half remains in the protected corridor, providing for a more peaceful hike. The trail crosses many streams, some that are large enough to require bridges. At mile 6.8 it crosses a bridge over Licklog Creek, then passes several swimming holes before crossing Buckeye Branch at mile 7.4. After Buckeye Branch, the trail continues its meandering with several sharp turns and moderate grades until it eventually crosses Dick's Creek Road and continues to its junction with Bartram Trail. The trail officially continues past Bartram Trail and goes into both South and North Carolina.

Length: 10.7 miles

Difficulty: 0


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