Forsyth County

Indian Seats Trail

Indian Seats is one of the highest peaks in metro Atlanta in Sawnee Mountain Preserve

Located in the Sawnee Mountain preserve, Indian Seats Trail is a 3.5 miles from the vistor center parking to the observation deck on top of Sawnee Mountain.

Sawnee Mountain

The Indian Seats on top of Sawnee Mountain are a rock outcropping which may have served a ceremonial purpose for native American inhabitants. There is an abandoned gold mine towards the top of the mountain, it is closed off by a gate but you can peer into the shaft. The trails are well maintained mostly dirt or loose gravel or rock, and some sections are rocky and have exposed tree roots. It gets muddy after it has recently rained so wear proper footgear, like hiking boots.

Gold Mine Sawnee Mountain

The top of Sawnee Mountain is 1946 feet, but the visitor center sits at around 1450 feet, so there is a 500 foot elevation gain along the hike.  There are switchbacks along the path to help alleviate a rapid ascent, but can be strenuous for parts of the hike . 

Overlook Sawnee Mountain

Sawnee Mountain Preserve provides visitors with 963 acres of scenic passive space, hiking trails and an interactive Visitor Center.

There are no dogs allowed on the trail, so if you want a dog friendly hike you will have to look elsewhere.

Indian Seats

Length: 3.5 miles

Difficulty: 6

Hidden gem near Atlanta

Day Hike

This trail is a hidden gem very close to Atlanta, if you are in Alpharetta it's around a 30 min trip. The top offers very nice views of the North Georgia mountains. I highly recommend checking it out.

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