north carolina

North Carolina offers beautiful hiking


Hiking Trails

Name Rating Description
Appletree Trail
Hiking trail near Nantahala Lake
Big Creek Loop
Nice Waterfalls on this Smokey Mountain Trail
Cascades Trail
Hike to a waterfall in E. B. Jeffress Park
Cedar Point Tideland Trail
Trail in Croatan National Forest
Cumberland Knob Trail
Hiking trail to Cumberland Knob
Devil's Courthouse Trail
Breathtaking panoramic view at the top
Four Seasons Trail
Hike inside Chimney Rock Park
Gully Creek Trail
Hiking trail in Cumberland Knob Recreation Area
Hickory Nut Falls Trail
Hiking trail to the falls in Chimney Rock Park
Island Creek Forest Walk
Hiking trail along Island Creek
Joyce Kilmer Recreation Trail
Old growth forest with yellow poplars that are over 100 feet tall and measure 15 to 20 feet in circumference
London Bald Trail
Hiking trail through Nantahala National Forest
Neusiok Trail
Hiking Trail through Croatan National Forest
Skyline-Cliff Trail Loop
Hiking loop through Chimney Rock Park
Van Hook Trail
Short trail from Van Hook Campground to Cliffside Lake Recreation Area

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