Hiking Trails

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Miles Trail Name Rating Short Description
2311 Meeman-Shelby Woodland Trail
Hilly loop through a diverse and interesting forest
2311 Chickasaw Bluffs Trail
Trail along the western side of the bluffs
2317 Fort Pillow Historic Trail
Loop through historic grounds relating to the battle of Fort Pillow
2393 Pinson Mounds Nature Trail
Hike through a large Indian mound group
2400 Dry Ridge Trail (Big Hill Pond State Park)
Trail along a lake to an observation tower
2401 Azalea Combination Trail
A combination of several hiking trails in Big Hill Pond State Rustic Park
2413 Fairview Gullies Loop
Hiking trail through eroded portion of Natchez Trace State Park
2414 Fern Trail
Interpretive trail in Natchez Trace State Park
2419 North-South Trail (Tennessee Section)
The Tennessee section of the 65-mile hiking trail
2419 Fort Henry Trails
A series of ten interconnecting loop trails
2423 Riverside and Indian Mounds Trail
Hiking trail in Shiloh National Military Park
2425 Three-Mile Trail
Hiking trail along a ridge in Nathan Bedford Forrest State Historic Area
2426 Johnsonville Redoubts Trail
Hiking trail through Civil War-era redoubts and rifle pits
2458 Short Loop
Peaceful hike through a natural area
2468 Montgomery Bell Overnight Trail
Hiking trail along the perimeter of Montgomery Bell State Park
2477 Dismals Canyon
Follows Dismals Branch stream on the Canyon Floor
2497 Bee Branch Trail
Popular but unmarked trial through the Sipsey Wilderness
2497 Rippey Trail
Trail to Sipsey River
2499 Radnor Lake Trail
Hike along the bank of Radnor Lake
2501 Borden Creek Trail (Trail 200)
Great family hike through the Sipsey Wilderness
2502 Sipsey River Trail
Longest trail in the Sipsey Wilderness
2516 Couchville Lake Trail
Paved loop around Couchville Lake
2520 Sal Hollow Trail
Hiking trail through the heart of Mammoth Cave National Park
2524 Flint Creek Trail
See various species of plant and animal life associated with an oak-hickory forest
2524 Dancy Bottom Trail
Located in bottomland hardwoods near Flint Creek
2531 Limestone Sinks Trail
A self-guided tour of limestone formations
2531 Hidden Springs Trail
Loop through Cedars of Lebanon State Park and Forest
2533 Rainbow Mountain Trail
Features Balance Rock a 100 foot balanced boulder
2545 Land Trust Loop
Loop along the western side of Monte Sano Mountain
2545 Old Railroad Bed Trail
The Land Trust's Monte Sano Preserve consists of over 1,120 acres with 18 miles of public trails
2546 McKay Hollow Trail
Trail down the ridge of Monte Sano Mountain to O'Shaughnessy Point
2547 South Plateau Loop Trail
Trail around the southern plateau of Monte Sano Mountain
2547 North Plateau Loop Trail
Trail along the northern plateau of Monte Sano Mountain
2547 Stone Cuts Trail
Named for the deep cuts in the limestone walls along a portion of the trail
2547 Mountain Mist Trail Loop
A loop made up of several trails through Monte Sano State Park
2547 Tannehill Historic Trail
Loop through Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park
2552 Cemetery Trail
Family-friendly trail in Chickasabouge Park
2556 Enclosure Wall Trail
Hiking loop in Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Area
2558 USS Alabama Historical Trail
Loop past historic buildings and museums in Mobile
2564 Redoubt Trail Loop
Trail through the historic Blakeley State Park
2565 Peavine Falls Trail
Most direct trail to Peavine Falls in Oak Mountain State Park
2565 Shackleford Point Trail
Trail from to Shackleford Point in Oak Mountain State Park
2567 South Rim Trail (Oak Mountain State Park)
Trail up and along Double Oak Mountain
2567 Foothills Trail
Trail along the foothills of Oak Mountain State Park
2574 Lickskillet Trail Loop
Loop combining three trails near Bailey Ridge and Lake Guntersville
2574 Tom Bevill Interpretive Trail
Loop around the top of Ellenburg Mountain
2574 Cascade Loop Trail
An interesting trail, especially after a lot of rain
2574 Cutchenmine Trail
Trail along Lake Guntersville
2575 CCC Trail
Hilly loop through Claude D. Kelley State Park
2575 Gazebo Trail
Loop along ridges in Claude D. Kelley State Park
2579 Weeks Bay Nature Trail
Educational trail through an estuarine research area
2581 Burgess Falls Trail
Trail to the impressive Burgess Falls
2582 Point Rock Trail
Most popular trail in Buck's Pocket State Park
2582 Camp Road
Trail along South Sauty Creek
2584 Grundy Forest Day Loop
Hiking trail in Grundy Forest State Natural Area
2584 Fiery Gizzard Trail
Difficult but interesting overnight trail along Fiery Creek Gorge
2585 Pine Beach Trail
Walk through a national wildlife refuge to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico
2586 Stone Door Trail
Easy hiking trail to the Great Stone Door in South Cumberland State Recreation Area
2586 Russell Cave Trail
Nice hike through forest and wildflowers into Russell Cave
2593 North Rim-North Plateau Loop
Combines North Rim Trail and North Plateau Trail in South Cumberland State Recreation Area
2593 Savage Day Loop
Hiking loop past Savage Falls Overlook and Rattlesnake Point
2600 Virgin Falls Trail
Hiking trail past some really stunning waterfalls
2601 Fall Creek Falls - Gorge Overlook Trail
Combination of two scenic trails in Fall Creek Falls State Park
2602 Lower Loop - Cane Creek Overnight Trail
Overnight hike along Cane Creek Gulf
2608 Lost Falls Trail
Takes you to Laurel Falls, Lost Falls and Azalea Cascade
2608 Eberhart Trail
Trail into the canyon of the Little River Canyon Preserve
2609 Rhododendron Trail
Loop through DeSoto State Park
2609 Desoto Scout Trail
Follows the rapids of the west fork of little river
2610 Cloud Canyon West Rim Loop Trail
Hike along the rim of the canyon
2610 Waterfall Trail (Cloud Canyon)
Short trail to two waterfalls
2610 Cloudland Backcountry Trail
Loop with views of the walls of the canyon
2615 Bluff Trail
Hiking trail through Lookout Mountain-Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
2617 Lakeshore Trail (Lake Chinnabee)
Loop around Lake Chinnabee
2618 Chinnabee Silent Trail
Parallels Cheaha Creek
2618 Skyway Loop Trail
An overnight trail from Adam's Gap to Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area
2619 Hidden Passage Trail
Moderately difficult loop through Pickett State Park
2620 Rocktown Trail
Hike through an area with unusual sandstone formations
2620 Rock Garden Trail
Trail up Cheaha Mountain
2620 Blackwater Heritage State Trail
Westernmost rail trail in the state
2621 Cave Creek Trail
Trail from the side of Hernandez Peak to Parker High Point
2622 Nubbin Creek Trail
Trail through Talladega National Forest
2622 Twin Arches – Charit Creek Loop
Combination of the Twin Arches Loop and Charit Creek Loop
2623 Odum Scout Trail
Trail beginning at the High Falls Trailhead and ending at Odum Point
2624 Jackson Red Ground Trail
Blackwater River State Forest in northwest Florida
2624 Laurel Snow Trail
Hiking trail through the Pocket Wilderness
2625 Piney River Trail
Hiking trail along Duskin Creek and Piney River
2628 Juniper Creek Trail
Parallels Juniper Creek in northwest Florida
2629 Angel Falls Overlook Trail
Difficult but scenic trail through Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
2630 Wiregrass Trail
Blackwater River State Forest in Northwest Florida
2631 Ozone Falls Trail
Short hike to Ozone Falls
2632 Taylor Ridge Trail
Hike along one of the Armuchee Ridges
2632 Honey Creek Loop
Hiking trail through Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
2633 Chickamauga Creek Trail
Loop sandwiched between Taylor Ridge and Dick Ridge
2635 North Loop Trail
Segment of the Conecuh Trail
2635 Conecuh Trail
Trail through Conecuh National Forest
2637 Open Pond Trail
Trail through the southern end of Conecuh National Forest
2637 Five Runs Loop Trail
Trail along its namesake creek in the Conecuh National Forest
2637 Horseshoe Bend Trail
Interpretive trail through the Horseshoe Bend National Military Park
2638 Santa Rosa Beach Hike
Beach hike in Gulf Islands National Seashore
2639 Johns Mountain Trail
A trail along the ridge of Johns Mountain